About EIFS Repair

Located in Sterling Heights MI we service Southeastern Michigan. We have been around for nearly 30 years. We have been doing work in the industry including full installs and EIFS repair. Mostly repairs these days. We have been adapting to the industry changes over the years from the building code changes to the testing done on the product. Many advancements have been made since the original barrier system of Exterior Insulation and Finish System.

What We DO

We have been pulling this material off the wall for many years we have seen and done it all. On the rare occasion we see something new but for the most part its something we see on the daily, and are already familiar with exactly how to fix it.

Pricing the repairs

It is some times difficult to give the customer an accurate price on repairs because the system hides a lot of the problems hidden behind it. The moisture that got behind the system may have not been able to drain and has caused some major problems we can not see. For this reason we like to preform an inspection of the home before we even give a price. We use some state of the art equipment to inspect the home along with a well trained professional. We use thermal imaging camera and a probe moisture meter to find moisture behind the system. This technique does not only find moisture, but it tells us how much moisture is back there and even if there is any rotten substrate.

The moisture testing is not an exact science and is not 100% accurate, but it does give us a good idea of whats behind the system, so we can figure out a more accurate estimate. We found that there is nothing more a customer hates than signing a deal for x amount of dollars and finding out it is going to cost much more because there was a lot of rotten wood behind the system we could not see.

Call us at 888-407-2609 we will come out and give you a free estimate.