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We specialize in delivering comprehensive repair services for Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) stucco. With over three decades of experience, we possess the expertise necessary to address various issues related to EIFS stucco. Our goal is to ensure that both residential and commercial properties maintain their aesthetic appeal while safeguarding their structural integrity. 

Our Services: 

  1. Repairs for Residential and Commercial EIFS Stucco

Regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property, we offer specialized repair solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From minor fixes to major renovations, we are dedicated to keeping your property in pristine condition. 

  1. Window Replacement in Stucco Homes

Replacing windows in stucco homes can be a complex undertaking. However, our skilled team is well versed in handling these replacements efficiently while minimizing any damages caused to the stucco exterior. Moreover, this service helps enhance energy efficiency within your home. 

  1. Rectifying Missing or Failing Flashing on EIFS Stucco

Faulty flashing can result in significant water damage and subsequent issues. Our expert technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to address missing or failing flashing effectively, preventing further damage and ensuring the protection of your property. 

  1. Repairing Delamination of Stucco 

When the integrity of your stucco is compromised due to delamination, it can cause structural concerns. Our skilled team specializes in identifying and fixing delaminated stucco, restoring the exterior of your property to its original condition. 

  1. Issues with EIFS Stucco Termination

Improper termination of Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) stucco can result in water infiltration and subsequent damage. Our solutions are designed to address these issues effectively, ensuring proper termination and efficient water drainage. 

  1. Repairing Damage from Vehicles and Birds on EIFS Stucco

Whether it’s damage caused by a vehicle collision or persistent woodpecker activity, we offer repair services that will restore your Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco to its original state. 

  1. Inspections for EIFS Stucco

Before purchasing a property with Exterior insulation and Finish System stucco, it’s crucial to have it professionally inspected. We provide comprehensive inspection services that include thermal imaging and invasive moisture testing, assisting in a wise investment decision. 

  1. Consulting Services for EIFS Stucco

Our consulting services offer peace of mind by ensuring that your Exterior Insulation and Finish system stucco project is carried out correctly. We provide guidance and oversight throughout the process to ensure adherence to best practices. 



Our dedication lies in delivering high quality repair services for EIFS stucco. With our wide range of services available, we have a solution for any issue related to your Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary estimate in Southeastern Michigan. Take a look at what our customers have to say about our work.W


Question: What is EIFS stucco?

Answer: EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. It’s a type of cladding that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface.

Question: What expereince do you have doing Exterior Insulation and Finish System Repairs?

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in EIFS stucco repair. We offer a wide range of services and are committed to ensuring your property remains in top condition.

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